2016/17 Super Books are available for purchase at regular Thursday BOCK meetings.  The expiration date for coupon books is March 2017.

Super Book price is $40.00 again this year. The sales will run until mid-April.

Our goal is at least 100 books.  That is the level that the club will make $10.00/book sold.  The next level is 150. Last year we sold 127 books and with a bonus from Superbooks we raised $1,400.00.

What is the Super Book?

Packed with hundreds of coupons and pages the Super Book is a locally published coupon book (not a pamphlet) that is a priceless local guide to local restaurants and businesses. For over 30 years Super Book has been publishing this local coupon book and providing Southwest Michigan residents with thousands of dollars in savings.

There are over 1,000 coupons packed in the book with over 300 pages. Each book also contains a “Dining Card” which can be used once at each restaurant and the menus are printed in the book for participating restaurants.

If you purchase a book please fill out the yellow card  as this is another $1.00 for BOCK (every little bit helps.)

Still have questions, see Ralph.