January 2016 Breakfast Meetings

01/07/16 Lyn Lenox PGI Fun & Games
01/14/16 Heather Christy Wellness
01/21/16 Andy Stork BOCK Marketing & PR
01/28/16 Casey Coker Stress Reduction

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Personal Growth and Involvement (P.G.I.)

Three terrific speakers today meeting PGI requirements. Mindy Miller  talked about the science behind happiness- it really is contagious! Cathy Balik talked what she gains from supporting kids, and Sam Oberlee reminded us about balance—our efforts balance the negativity present around us. Optimists do make a difference!

Thanks also to our PGI Chairperson Marilyn Lenox-Bosma for organizing and supporting our progress.

Read more about the P.G.I. Program:

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Mindy’s presentation notes:

[button-blue url=”http://www.BOCKzoo.org/wp-content/uploads/216/01/MMiller-010716.pdf” target=”” position=”l”]Mindy’s Notes[/button-blue]

Thursday, January 14,2016


This morning’s meeting featured a Healthy Habits presentation by Just Move Fitness and More  co-owners. Sarah Burhans  (left in photo) and Heather Christy.  It was a great reminder of the options that we have to make choices about fitness and healthy lifestyle. They really live their vision of encouraging a healthy community!

Also: 42  Super Books have been sold to date. Please continue to promote this.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

BOCK Marketing & PR

Mindy Miller and Sam Oberlee (photo) received their 1st level pin backings from Marlyn Lenox-Bosma, the club’s PGI leader.

President. Laurie Jefsen inducted new member Mark Newhouse shown below with  his sponsor Nancy Flipse. Congratulations Mark, we are happy to have you as our newest member of BOCK.

BOCK Communications Director, Andrea Stork, gave a presentation on Branding. The new Club rack cards and “Creed” cards will be at every meeting near the badge box, please pick some up and distribute them where you can. The business-card-sized ones are great for pinning to community bulletin boards as the OPTIMIST Creed is a great wallet-sized reminder of who we are and the front sends them to the BOCK website where they can get more information on the Club and its programs. (Click image for full view.)

Thursday, January 28th 2016

Stress? What stress?

Thanks to our speaker, Casey J. Coker, LMFT, LPC of Health Net we now have a strategy for dealing with stress to help us slow down and gain control again.

  1. PAUSE  Try not to do or say anything unless it is absolutely necessary.
  2. BREATHE  Take six deep breaths more filling and emptying your lungs very slowly.
  3. NOTICE  Look around you and notice the things happening in your environment.
  4. COMFORT  Rest your muscles put a hand on your stomach or chest
  5. REMIND  Tell yourself that you’re safe and you’re going to be okay period
  6. REPEAT  Do the steps until you feet feel your stress decrease.
  7. RESUME  Return your life