November 2016 Breakfast Meetings

11/03/16 Adrian McClelland Clothing Donations for School-Aged Children Kids Closet in Vicksburg 11/10/16 Emily Arndt and Susan Terranella, Center for Clinical Research WMed 11/17/16 Fellowship-Thanksgiving… Please bring Holiday Donations for Children’s Closet. 11/24/16 Thanksgiving—no meeting

August 2016 Breakfast Meetings

08/04/16 Adrian McClelland Clothing Donations for School-Aged Children 08/11/16 Kimberly Phillips Portage Senior Center Services 08/18/16 State Rep. Jon Hoadley Engaging Youth in Democracy 08/25/16 Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship—OIF Blind Auction Thursday, August 4, 2016 Clothing Donations for School-Aged Children Mary Ann Ampersee wins the Greeter-Prize. Dee Ann Dopp gets a chance at the Progressive […]

July 2016 Breakfast Meetings

07/07/16 Jeanne and Mel Church Hiking the Appalachian Trail 07/14/16 Sarah Baker Kalamazoo Co. Substance Abuse Task Force 07/21/16 Judy Markusse Paget HHH Initiatives 07/28/16 Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship Thursday, July 7, 2016 Hiking the Appalachian Trail Hiking the Appalachian Trail, speakers  Jean and Mel Church who also just returned from hiking in Wales gave. […]

June 2016 Breakfast Meetings

06/02/16 Nancy Flipse, Pat Weber and Helen Horn History of BOCK: Part 1 06/09/16 Dave McKee History of BOCK: Part 2 06/16/16 Bridgett Blough Seasonal, Organic, Unrefined, Local Food 06/23/16 Hafiz Akbar Islamophobia: Finding Common Ground 06/30/16 Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship-4th of July Thursday, June 2, 2016 History of BOCK: Part 1 To come….Nancy Flipse, […]

May 2016 Breakfast Meetings

05/05/16 Lyn Lenox PGI Fun 05/12/16 Nancy Gallihugh Better Hearing & Speech Month 05/19/16 Karen Robyn & students Respect for Law 05/26/16 Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship May 5, 2016 PGI Fun Recognition: Congratulations to Dan Mills (Oratorical Contest), Nancy Gallihugh (Communications Contest for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing) and Chris Shults (Essay […]

April 2016 Breakfast Meetings

04/07/16 Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship-Spring Break 04/14/16 Kathy Praedel Youth Mentoring Programs 04/21/16 Dan Mills Oratorical Contest Winners 04/28/16 Nancy Galllihugh D/HH Communications Contest Winner Thursday, April 14, 2016 Youth Mentoring Programs Our speaker, Kathy Praedel of Big Brother Big Sisters, shared with us information on Youth Mentoring Programs and the importance of “Bigs” in […]