Bock regular weekly meetings are held Thursdays,
from 7:30 am – 8:30 am at Michelle’s Restaurant
located at 677 Romence Rd, Portage, MI.

President Linda Thompson

10/06/16   Installation Banquet  No morning meeting
10/13/16   Linda Thompson  Presidential Goals
10/20/16   Bill McCarty  Election and Voting Procedures AARP
10/27/16   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship-Halloween
11/03/16   Adrian McClelland  Clothing Donations Kids Closet
11/10/16   Emily Arndt and Susan Terranella  Center for Clinical Research WMed
11/17/16   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship-Thanksgiving
11/24/16   Thanksgiving  No Meeting
12/01/16   Mark Newhouse  Lifestyle Management iClone Concierge, LLC
12/08/16   Marilyn Lenox-Bosma  PGI
12/15/16   No meeting  Snow day
12/22/16   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship-Gift Exchange
12/29/16   No speaker  Time for connection and conversation
01/05/17   Linda Thompson  BOCK New Year Resolutions
01/12/17   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship
01/19/17   Bruce Vincent  Mentoring Program-Schoolcraft Kid’s Hope
01/26/17   Lyn Lenox, Andy Stork and Joanne Beverage  Meet Your Board Members
02/02/17   Mindy Miller, Val Lippincott and Jeannette Meyer  Meet Your Board Members
02/09/17   Sarah Allen  Weekend Backpack Program for Hungry Children PowerUP
02/16/17   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship-Valentine’s Day
02/23/17   Cathelia Cowles  Strive Program-Vicksburg
03/02/17   John Curran  First Day Shoe Fund
03/09/17   Sonya Bernard-Hollins  Merze Tate Scholars
03/16/17   Jeanette Meyer Fellowship-St. Patty’s Day
03/23/16   Joanne Beverage Essay Contest Winners
03/30/17   Michael Evans  Literacy Education for Adults Kalamazoo Literacy Council
04/06/17   Val Lippincott  BOCK Membership
04/13/17   Jen DeWaele  Intentional Community Building for Kids Peace House
04/20/17   Dan Mills  Oratorical Contest Winners
04/27/17   Nancy Gallihugh  D/HH Communication Contest Winners
05/04/17   Sergeant Juday  Respect for Law/Community Policing KPS
05/11/17   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship
05/18/17   Jeff Kalmbach  Kalamazoo Strong
05/25/17   Leslie Lami-Reed  Warm Kids Project
06/01/17   Tina Robbins  ASK- Advocacy Services for Kids
06/08/17   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship
06/15/17   Marilyn Lenox-Bosma  Professional Development Program (PDP)
06/22/17   Angela Johnson Impact of Back to School Shopping/Auction Promo
06/29/17   Sarah Drumm Partnerships to improve early childhood for Kazoo
07/06/17   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship-4th of July
07/13/17   Beth Walters  Kalamazoo Drop-In Childcare Center
07/20/17   Dan Mills  OI Conference Report
07/27/17   Kathy Praedel Be a Big! Big Brothers Big Sisters
08/03/17   Emily Kobzo  Kids’ Closet Underwear Drive
08/10/17   Nicole Kilmbach Fellowship
08/17/17   David Campbell  Career and Technical Education
08/24/17   Nicole Ingersoll  OI Foundation Blind Auction
08/31/17   Linda Thompson  Club Logo Discussion
09/07/17   Nichole Westrate Child Care Programs
09/14/17   Scott VanLoo and Mandy Damico  Let Me Run
09/21/17   Linda Thompson  Presidential Wrap-Up
09/28/17   Jeanette Meyer  Fellowship-Birthday Party
10/05/17   Installation Banquet  NO MEETING


President Laurie Jefsen

10/01/15   Marilyn Lenox-Bosma  Presidential  Wrap-Up
10/08/15   Installation Banquet  NO MEETING
10/15/15   Laurie Jefsen  Presidential Goals
10/22/15   Sarah Baker and Terri Novaria School Bonds Portage Public Schools

12/03/15   Von Washington, Jr. Kalamazoo Promise 10 Year Anniversary
12/10/15   Ethan Alexander Open Roads Bike Program Open Roads
12/17/15   Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship-Christmas
12/24/15   Christmas Eve NO MEETING
12/31/15   Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship-NYE
01/07/16   Marilyn Lenox-Bosma PGI Fun & Games
01/14/16   Heather Christ Wellness Just Move Fitness & More
01/21/16   Andy Stork BOCK Marketing & PR
01/28/16   Casey Coker Stress Reduction Help Net
02/04/16   Sen. Margaret O’Brien Legislative Update Focused on Children & Young Adults Michigan’s 20th State Senate District
02/11/16   Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship-Valentine’s Day
02/18/16   Chris Harris-Wimsatt Seita Scholars Program Western Michigan University
02/25/16   Snow Day Meeting Cancelled
03/03/16   Nicole Kalmbach Reading Mentorship Program United Way Early Reading Grant
03/10/16   Deb Wild and Corlis Watkins Choir Performance KRESA’s Young Adult Program  Choir
03/17/16   Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship-St. Patrick’s Day
03/24/16   Chris Shultz Essay Contest Winners
03/31/16   Gayln Barnum Community Resources and Services Provided by HRI Housing Resources, Inc.
04/07/16   Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship-Spring Break
04/14/16   Kathy Praedel Youth Mentoring Programs Big Brothers Big Sisters
04/21/16   Dan Mills  Oratorical Contest Winners
04/28/16   Nancy Galllihugh  Communications Contest Winners
05/05/16   Marilyn Lenox-Bosma  PGI Fun
05/12/16   Nancy Gallihugh  Better Hearing & Speech Month Kalamazoo RESA Audiology
05/19/16   Karen Robyn & students RESA EFE Law Enforcement Program
05/26/16   Mary Ann Ampersee Fellowship
06/02/16   Nancy Flipse, Helen Horn and Pat Weber History of BOCK
06/09/16   Dave McKee History of BOCK: Part 2
06/16/16   Bridgett Blough  Seasonal, Organic, Unrefined, Local Food The Organic Gypsy
06/23/16   Hafiz Akbar  Islamophobia: Finding Common Ground Kalamazoo Islamic Center
06/30/16   Mary Ann Ampersee  Fellowship-4th of July
07/07/16   Jeanne and Mel Church  Hiking the Appalachian Trail
07/14/16   Sarah Baker  Kalamazoo Co. Substance Abuse Task Force
07/21/16   Judy Markusse Paget  Hospital Hospitality House of SW Michigan
07/28/16   Mary Ann Ampersee  Fellowship
08/04/16   Adrian McClelland  Clothing Donations for School-Aged Children Kids Closet
08/11/16   Kimberly Phillips  Portage Senior Center
08/18/16   State Rep. Jon Hoadley  Engaging Youth in Democracy
08/25/16   Mary Ann Ampersee  Fellowship
09/01/16   Marilyn Lenox-Bosma  PGI
09/08/16   Anne Hensley and Emily Kastner Read and Write Kalamazoo (RAWK)
09/15/16   Dann Sytsma  Applied Improvisation Experiences Improv Effects
09/22/16   Laurie Jefsen  Presidential Wrap-Up
09/29/16   Mary Ann Ampersee  Fellowship-Birthday Party