BOCK Past Presidents, Secretary-Treasurer,
and Optimist of the Year Recipient

Year President Secretary-Treasurer Optimist of the Year 
Janet Gillette Helen Horn
1989-1990 Randy Schoof Helen Horn Pat Brown (Weber)
1990-1991 Gina Cifolelli Linda Ingersoll Robert Balik
and Pat Haley
1991-1992 Dale Gruber Linda Ingersoll Nancy Flipse
1992-1993 Chris Shults Linda Ingersoll Randy Schoof
1993-1994 Cheryl McKee Randy School Don Yarzibiniski
and Dale Gruber
1994-1995 Dave McKee Bob Balik Christina Shults
1995-1996 Helen Horn Randy Schoof Mary Memmott
1996-1997 Pat Haley Alice Nash David McKee
1997-1998 Linda Ingersoll Alice Nash Helen Horn
1998-1999 Kathy Smyser Janet Gillette Dale Gruber
1999-2000 Tim Flynn Janet Gillette Linda Ingersoll
2000-2001 Alice Nash Karen Tillson
and Janet Gillette
Pat Haley
2001-2002 Janet Oord Julie Howes Ralph Meyer
2002-2003 Terri Norman Julie Howes Nicole Ingersoll
2003-2004 Julie Howes Linda Ingersoll Jan Oord
2004-2005 Marilyn Lenox-Bosma Janet Gillette Lynn Heckler
2005-2006 Deanna Draze Janet Gillette Christina Shults
2006-2007 Nichole Ingersoll Chris Shults Marilyn Lenox-Bosma
2007-2008 Val Lippincott Julie Howes Wilma VanLoo
2008-2009 Chris Shults Julie Howes Laurie Jefsen
2009-2010 Terri Norman Linda Ingersoll Julie Howes
2010-2011 Jeanette Meyer Chris Shults Dee Ann Dopp
2011-2012 Wilma VanLoo Chris Shults Nancy Flipse
2012-2013 Nicole Ingersoll Linda Ingersoll Jeanette Meyer
2013-2014 Cathy Balik Linda Ingersoll Val Lippincott
2014-2015 Marilyn Lenox-Bosma Linda Ingersoll Gene Kangas
2015-2016 Laurie Lefsen Linda Ingersoll Cathy Balik
2016-2017 Linda Thompson Linda Ingersoll  Theresa Mills
 2017-2018 Dan Mills Linda Ingersoll Announced in December

Thank You to Nancy Flipse who made the following composite pages from the BOCK photo archives.
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